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About Life of JavaScript

What is this site about?

This site demonstrates the consumption and utilization of a collection repository on GitHub. All the collections are fetched from the GitHub and then operated upon to generate extra information about each resource mentioned in the collection. All the details are then presented with user friendly interface.

What does the repository has?

"Life of JS" repository is the curated source of all types of awesome resources available for JavaScript. This includes books, presentations, videos, feeds, sites, libraries, frameworks and tools. Very basic but identifying information about each resources is provided. The collection does not contain all the resources but only useful / awesome / innovative / interesting of them. All the collections are in JSON format.
Take a look at README

Usage shortcuts

  • Search: Start typing anywhere on the Collections page to search in collection. You don't need to click explicitly on search box.
  • Change Collection: Use left and right arrow keys on keyboard to change the collection type.


Contribution can be made in any of the ways:

  • Raise an issue on GitHub along with the details about the resource you want to add.
  • Fork the repo, make the changes and raise a pull request.
  • Add it to the comment box on this site


Thanks to,
Kumar for being constant source of inspiration and providing thoughts and reviews
and the PubMatic UI Team for feeding me with JS fodder and ideas.